Presence of SopB, SopD, and SopE1 in culture supernatants of serotype S. enterica serotype Paratyphi B strains

Variant (pattern of virulence genes)No. of positive strains/total in Western blota
EPV variant 1 (sopBD avrA)11/116/11
EPV variant 2 (sopBD)20/2016/20
EPV variant 3 (sopB avrA)13/16
EPV variant 4 (sopBDE1 avrA)3/65/65/6
SPV variant 1 (sopBDE1)28/2823/283/28
  • a Different levels of expression were observed (Fig. 4). —, the respective gene was absent.

  • b The antibodies used identify SopE1 as well as SopE2, but the culture conditions in this study allow the production mainly of SopE1 (Fig. 4D).