Specificity of the NS5-based MIA tested against various human sera

Specimen typeNo. of seraMean MFI (range)SDNo. positivea
Syphilis (T. pallidum positive)101,862 (7-3,375)1,2410
B. burgdorferi infection102,312 (1,567-2,768)5630
HIV infection102,009 (299-7,517)2,1271
A. phagocytophilum infection102,030 (1,046-3,427)8250
Antinuclear antibody positive101,680 (477-3,723)1,6800
Rheumatoid factor positive6730 (85-1,377)7300
Herpes simplex virus positive51,902 (1,031-2,797)1,9020
Cytomegalovirus infection51,613 (7-3,480)1,4920
Epstein-Barr virus infection52,002 (1,111-2,727)6310
JE virus vaccine recipients101,633 (638-3,316)9840
YF virus vaccine recipients192,563 (966-5,056)1,1791
Normal201,811 (970-3,878)8530
  • a The cutoff for positivity for NS5 is 4,366.