Demographic information for the 12 outbreaks included in this study

Outbreak no.LocationDate (yr)SourceNo. of isolatesComment(s)Reference
1Kansas1998Food handler6161 cases at a school luncheon27
2Florida1983City water supply5865 cases35
3Kansas1981Raw milk (dairy A)618
4Vermont1983Raw milk415
5Vermont1982Raw milk215 cases40
6Vermont1986Inadequately pasteurized milk4104 cases at a boarding school1
7Oklahoma1988Fecal contamination of milk5104 cases in 4 prisonsNot previously reported
8New York1986Tuna salad4Prison outbreakNot previously reported
9Kansas1988Raw milk487 cases at a bible schoolNot previously reported
10Wisconsin1995Tuna salad279 cases at a summer camp34
11Maine1989Food handler3Restaurant associatedNot previously reported
12Louisiana1995Contaminated garlic bread230 cases, restaurant associatedNot previously reported