Table 2.

Numbers of persistent carriers and carriers subject to clonal replacement or clearance of carriage

Time points (period)No. (%)
Persistent carriersaCarriers subject to:Total
Clonal replacementbClearance of carriagec
November to December, December to February (1–2 mo)53 (91)5 (9)058
November to February, February to May (3 mo)36 (78)7 (15)3 (7)46
November to May, December to May (5–6 mo)15d (45)12 (36)6 (18)33
  • a Presence of a strain with the identical/similar capsule type, PorA type, FetA type, and ST detected at both time points, or assumed if carriage of the persistent clone was detected at a later time point.

  • b Presence of a strain with a different ST or different PorA and FetA types where the ST type has not been determined.

  • c No meningococcal isolates detected.

  • d P values of <0.0001 and 0.004 and odds ratios of 12.7 (95% CI, 4 to 40) and 4.2 (95% CI, 1.6 to 11.2) were obtained in comparisons with the November to December/December to February and November to February/February to May periods of carriage, respectively.