Table 3.

Antigenic variants in variable regions of PorA during persistent carriage in individual carriers

VolunteerPorA type (time point[s]a)Type of alteration
V56P1.7,30-4 (November)P1.7,30-3 (December)9 CTA to 8 CTA
V99P1.7-2,13-1 (February)P1.7-2,13 (May)4 ACT to 5 ACT
V117P1.5-1,10-1 (November, December)P1.5-1,10-29 (February, May)C to T
  • a Time points indicate when each strain was isolated from a particular carrier. Note that volunteer V99 was a noncarrier at the November and December time points, such that the initial clone was first detected in February, and that V56 underwent clonal replacement in May (see Table 4).