Resistance genotypes of erythromycin-resistant isolates of S. aureus and CNS

Organism and phenotypeaNo. of isolates available for PCR/total no. of isolatesNo. of isolates with genotype:
ermAermCmsrAermA msrAermC msrAermA ermC msrA
S. aureus86/114
  • a Determined by standard disk diffusion test and disk induction test C, clindamycin; S, susceptible; r-ind, inducible MLSB resistance; r-const, constitutive MLSB resistance.

  • b One isolate of S. stimulans (see text).

  • c One S. epidermidis isolate.

  • d Three S. epidermidis isolates.

  • e Three S. haemolyticus isolates.

  • f Four S. haemolyticus isolates.