Recovery of the internal virion standarda

PatientMeasured value for RCAS internal standard (no. of copies/reaction mixture)CV (%)
Avg valuecSD
A (8)b32,838 (121)9,15228
B (8)24,694 (91)8,09833
C (2)22,811 (84)3,00413
D (2)23,613 (87)8,68637
E (2)24,624 (91)6,48126
Avg25,716 (95.2)4,05716
  • a A cell culture supernatant containing 300,000 copies of RCAS RNA was added to each patient plasma sample. Nine percent of the total sample was assayed following centrifugation.

  • b Values in parentheses are the number of samples analyzed.

  • c Two values for the internal standard were measured for each sample analyzed. The percent recovery is shown in parentheses.