Candida isolatesa used in the study

Yeast speciesCountry of isolationNo. of isolatesReference
C. dubliniensisbArgentina16, 20
Australia26, 20
Brazil711, this study
Canada31, 6, 13
Germany21, 6, 13
Israel181, 6, 14, this study
Ireland431, 6, 13, 20
New Zealand3This study
Spain21, 2, 6
Switzerland21, 6, 18
The Netherlands36, 10
United Kingdom261, 6, 13
United States71, 12
C. albicansbGreece8This study
Hungary5This study
Ireland611, 13
United Kingdom21, 13
United States481, 12
C. glabrata5This study
C. tropicalis4This study
C. parapsilosis5This study
C. krusei1This study
  • a All isolates were clinical isolates from the culture collection of the Microbiology Research Unit, Department of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology, School of Dental Science, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland.

  • b Ninety-five of the C. dubliniensis isolates and 111 of the C. albicans isolates investigated here were also included in a previous Staib agar study (1).