Control viral serotypes of human AdV

SerotypeSubgenusTestedaGenBank accession no.Source
AdV12AY X73487 ATCC
AdV18AY Y17249 ATCC
AdV31AY Y17253 ATCC
AdV3BN X86549 NDb
AdV7BY AF065065 ATCC
AdV7aBN AF065066 ND
AdV11BY AJ272606 ATCC
AdV14BN AJ272607 ND
AdV16BN AJ272608 ND
AdV21BN AY008279 ND
AdV34BN AJ272601 ND
AdV35BN AJ272611 ND
AdV50BN AJ272612 ND
AdV1CY Y17244 ATCC
AdV2CY J01917 ATCC
AdV5CY J01966 ATCC
AdV6CY Y17245 ATCC
AdV8DN Y17246 ND
AdV9DY Y14247 ATCC
AdV10DY AJ250707 ATCC
AdV17DY AF108105 ATCC
AdV19DN Y17250 ND
AdV28DY Y17251 ATCC
AdV37DY Y17252 ATCC
AdV48DN U20821 ND
AdV4EY X84646 ATCC
  • a Y, the viral DNA was tested; N, not tested.

  • b ND, not done.