Strains previously identified as invasivea (A1 to G4) or noninvasive on the basis of their sequences

Strain(s)Vector(s)Source (condition)Origin(s)ospC groupSeinost ospC group designation (17)
B. afzelii
    ACA1Skin (ACA)SwedenA1
    DK3, DK8Skin (ACA)DenmarkA2
    PKo, DK26Skin (EM)Germany, DenmarkA2
    E61Skin (EM)AustriaNIb
    SimonSkin (EM)AustriaNI
    H9Skin (EM)AustriaNI
    J1Ixodes persulcatusJapanNI
    VS461I. ricinusSwitzerlandNI
B. burgdorferi sensu stricto
    28354I. scapularisUnited StatesB1K
    297CSF (NB)United StatesB1K
    DK7Skin (ACA)DenmarkB2B
    61BV3Skin (EM)GermanyB2B
    ZS7I. ricinusSwitzerlandB2B
    HB19Blood (arthritis)United StatesB3I
    PkaI. ricinusGermanyB4A
    IP1, IP2, IP3CSF (NB)FranceB4A
    HIIBlood (arthritis)ItalyB4A
    P1FSynovia (arthritis)SwitzerlandB4A
    B31, 26816I. scapularisUnited StatesB4A
    MilI. ricinusSlovakiaNIJ
    20006I. ricinusFranceNIP
    212I. ricinusFranceNIQ
    ESP1, Ne-56I. ricinusSpain, SwitzerlandNIR
    Z136I. ricinusGermanyNIS
    Son188I. pacificusUnited StatesNIF
B. garinii
    N34, Far03I. ricinus; I. uriaeGermany, SwedenG1
    WCSF (NB)AustriaG2
    VSDACSF (NB)SwitzerlandG3
    PBiCSF (NB)GermanyG4
    DK6CSF (NB)DenmarkG4
    KL11I. ricinusCzech RepublicG4
    NBS16I. ricinusSwedenNI
    NBS23I. ricinusSwedenNI
    153I. ricinusFranceNI
    20047I. ricinusFranceNI
    T25I. ricinusGermanyNI
    BITSI. ricinusItalyNI
  • a A strain was considered invasive if it was isolated from secondary sites or when it belonged to a group comprising strains isolated from secondary sites.

  • b NI, noninvasive group.