Clinical strains isolated from secondary sites with unknown ospC sequences

Strain(s)Clinical dataOrigin(s)ospC groupAccession no. of ospC sequences determined in this study
B. afzelii
    Spet1793/01, SbriSkin (ACA)SlovaniaA1
    Svod, SrejBlood (EM)SloveniaA1
    ACA2aSkin (ACA)SwedenNew invasive group A3AY150206
    P/stoaSkin (ACA)GermanyNew invasive group A4AY150205
    SkozBlood (EM)SloveniaA4
    5 isolates (Skol,a Ssima)Blood (MEM)SloveniaNew invasive group A5AY150203, AY150202
    ShriBlood (meningitis)SloveniaA5
    22 isolatesBlood (EM)SloveniaA5
    SpriaBlood (MEM)SloveniaNew invasive group A6AY150204
    Sspe, SdolBlood (EM)SloveniaA6
    SoblaSkin (ACA)SloveniaNew invasive group A7AY150201
    ShrvaSkin (ACA)SloveniaNew invasive group A8AY150200
    Srav, SvirbCSF (NB)SlovaniaA1
    GR4135bCSF (NB)AustriaA1
    Sjam, SpecbCSF (NB)SlovaniaA5
    SabubCSF (NB)SlovaniaA6
B. garinii
    60, Schenk, PATO3CSF (NB)AustriaG1
    387aCSF (NB)GermanyG1AY150188
    Skos,a SspaaCSF (NB)SloveniaG1AY150194, AY150197
    57, GR4229CSF (NB)AustriaG2
    SdomCSF (NB)SloveniaG2
    SilcBlood (EM)SloveniaG2
    239, VSBPCSF (NB)Austria, SwitzerlandG4
    Scar, StamaCSF (NB)SloveniaG4AY150187
    Skle, SskoBlood (EM)SloveniaG4
    VSBMaCSF (NB)SwitzerlandNew invasive group G5AY150185
    PBraCSF (NB)GermanyNew invasive group G6AY150186
    GrLilCSF (NB)AustriaNew invasive group G7
    SbosaCSF (NB)SloveniaNew invasive group G8AY150193
    IBS-8,a SmrzaCSF (NB)France, SloveniaNew invasive group G10AY150189, AY150196
    SmaraCSF (NB)SloveniaNew invasive group G11AY150195
    IBS-9a,bSkin (LBC)FranceG1AY150190
    SkotbSkin (ACA)SloveniaG4
    Spet 114/95a,bSkin (ACA)SloveniaG5AY150192
    Sles,a,b Ssoba,bSkin (ACA)SloveniaG7AY150199, AY150198
    Spet 1058/01a,bSkin (ACA)SloveniaNew invasive group G9AY150191
B. burgdorferi sensu stricto
    Lenz, HolzerCardiac muscle, bloodAustriaB4 (A)c
    Shaja,bSkin (ACA)SloveniaB2 (B)cAY150208
    Szid,a,b BRE-13a,bSkin (ACA), CSF (NB)Slovenia, FranceNew invasive group B5 (Q)cAY150209, AY150207
  • a Strain whose ospC sequence was sequenced in this study.

  • b Strain isolated in a unusual clinical manifestation.

  • c Seinost ospC group designation (17).