Characteristics of patients with hGISA infection

Age (yr)/sexaDate of LT (day/mo/yr)Liver diseaseMRSA nasal carriage before LTPrevious antibiotic treatmentbTime of onset after LT (days)Site of infectioncPFGE patternTreatment (duration [days])dClinical outcome
60/M03/06/98Alcoholic cirrhosisNoTAZ15LRTI15VAN (19)Improved
48/M08/06/98Hepatitis B and D virusesNoAMX/CLAV25Wound15SurgeryImproved
54/M20/10/98Alcoholic cirrhosisYesNone10Blood, peritonitis16VAN (18)Improved
49/F28/12/98PolykystosisNoIMI, CIP21LRTI15TEI + CTX (9)Improved
TEI (6)Failure
52/M02/02/99Alcoholic cirrhosisNoCTX, OFLO6KT, blood, LRTI, abdomen17VAN (21) + CPO (8)Improved
46/M06/06/99Fulminant hepatitisNoOXA, OFLO, CAZ, TAZ60LRTI, wound15VAN (15) + CTX and surgeryImproved
50/M31/04/01Hepatitis C virusYesCIP, VAN, TAZ2LRTI15VAN (12)Improved
56/M16/07/01Alcoholic cirrhosisNoFEP, AMIK14LRTI15VAN + FEP (14)Improved
59/M02/09/01Alcoholic cirrhosisNoAMX/CLAV12Abdomen15VAN (36) and surgeryImproved
58/M07/11/01Budd-Chiari syndromeNoTAZ, CIP, TEI12Blood, LRTI, abdomen12VAN + TAZ (9) + AMIK and surgeryDeath
  • a M, male; F, female.

  • b Antibiotics received in the 2 months preceding MRSA infection. Abbreviations: AMIK, amikacin; AMX/CLAV, amoxicillin-clavulanate; CAZ, ceftazidime; CIP, ciprofloxacin; CTX, cefotaxime; FEP, cefepime; IMI, imipenem; OFLO, ofloxacin; OXA, oxacillin; TAZ, piperacillin-tazobactam; TEI, teicoplanin; VAN, vancomycin.

  • c LRTI, lower respiratory tract infection; KT, catheter.

  • d CPO, cefpirome. The other antibiotic abbreviations are as defined in footnote b.