Clinical and laboratory parameters of HIV-infected patients with visceral leishmaniasis

PatientAt time of diagnosisAfter treatmentAt time of clinical relapse
SexaAge (yr)Risk factorbNo. of CD4+ cells/μlcHIV RNA loadd (log copies/ml)HAARTeAnti-Leishmania ABf (titer)Leishmania DNA (parasites/ml)HAARTeLeishmania DNA (parasites/ml)gLeishmania prophylaxis (mo)hNo. of CD4+ cells/μlHIV RNA loadd (log copies/ml)HAARTeLeishmania DNA (parasites/ml)i
1M30IDU84.38EFV, SQV, RTV1:640110No7 (24)ND45.17No477 (46)
2M37IDU992.57AZT, 3TC, SQV1:40362D4T, SQV, LPV-r2 (38)ND793.32D4T, SQV, LPV-r102 (45)
3F34IDU64.91No1:40112No1 (38)ND45.58No253 (298)
4M42IDU435.77No1:64041,000No2,677 (10)NDNANANoNA
5M37IDU145.74No1:64017,050D4T, 3TC, LPV-r6 (38)ND202.30D4T, 3TC, LPV-r2,146 (110)
6M38IDUNANAD4T, 3TC, EFVNA3,210AZT, 3TV, LPV-r1 (17)10162NAAZT, 3TV, LPV-r1,466 (300)
7F34Hetero1063.113TC, EFV, RTV, IDV1:401,0703TC, EFV, RTV, IDV3 (38)21393.963TC, EFV, RTV, IDV364 (70)
8M42IDU55.13No1:6404,320AZT, 3TC, NFV5 (59)862<1.90AZT, 3TC, NFV259 (268)
9M34Hetero2464.55No1:80819AZT, 3TC, NFV7 (66)12394.17AZT, 3TC, NFVNo relapse
10M42Homo426.11No1:5,1202,1503TC, RTV<0.63 (66)3755j<1.90AZT, 3TC, IDV, RTVNo relapse
  • a M, Male; F, female.

  • b IDU, intravenous drug user; Hetero, heterosexual; Homo, homosexual.

  • c NA, not available.

  • d Measured by a nucleic acid sequence-based amplification system (NASBA; BioMérieux, Marcy L'Etoile, France).

  • e AZT, zidovudine; 3TC, lamivudine; D4T, stavudine; EFV, efavirenz; SQV, squinavir; RTV, ritonavir; IDV, indinavir; NFV, nelfinavir; LPV-r, lopinavir-ritonavir.

  • f AB, antibodies. Anti-Leishmania antibodies were measured by immunofluorescence (Leishmania Spot IF; BioMérieux).

  • g The last day of treatment is given in parentheses.

  • h ND, not done.

  • i The number of days from the end of treatment is given in parentheses.

  • j One year after treatment withdrawal.