Table 4.

Evaluation of the H antigen assay on 500 isolates

DescriptionExplanationNo. of isolates% of total
Identified as expected
    Matched traditional serotypingMolecular results matched traditional results completely40280.4
    No probe for one or more antigensPossessed an H antigen not detected by the probes currently in the assay, resulting in partial serotype determination469.2
    Monophasic isolatesMonophasic by traditional methods; two H antigens detected by molecular method; includes 4 serotype Paratyphi A strains91.8
    Nonmotile isolatesNonmotile variant; H antigen detected in molecular assay matched a common serotype.40.8
Not identified as expected
    H:m,t and -g,s,tDid not react with t-1 probe; allelic diversity suspected193.8
    H:1,5Did not react with 5-1 probe; allelic diversity suspected61.2
    H:zAll are subspecies IIIb serotypes61.2
    H:m,tSalmonella serotype Pensacola; did not react with m/m,t probe20.4
    H:l,vSalmonella serotype I 9,12:l,v:−; did not react with v probe20.4
    H:dSalmonella serotype Putten; shown to have a divergent H:d allele10.2
    H:1,5,7Did not react with 5-1 or 7 probe; subspecies II strain10.2
    H:e,n,x,z15Did not react with x probe; subspecies II strain10.2
    H:z35Subspecies IIIb strain10.2