Distribution of ESBL-producing isolates of P. mirabilis in different wards of S. Matteo Hospital, Pavia, Italy

WardNo. of isolates
PER-1 producingaTEM-52 producingb
General intensive care unit22 (4 LL)7 (A)
Internal medicine 11NDc
Internal medicine 21ND
Internal medicine TM1ND
Internal medicine PMd5 (1 LL)2 (C)
Internal medicine 16dND1 (C)
Internal medicine 19d24 (C)
Medicine—long-term 114 (B)
Medicine—long-term 21ND
Infectious diseases1ND
Respiratory diseases2ND
General surgery 22ND
General surgery 51 (1 LL)ND
Vascular surgery4 (1 LL)ND
  • a The PER-1-producing isolates were all clonally related. LL indicates an isolate that produced lower levels of the enzyme in IEF analysis (see text and Table 1 for more details).

  • b The capital letters indicate the different clones.

  • c ND, nondetected.

  • d These wards were located at different levels of the same block.