PFGE and RFLP profiles of M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis reference isolates

IsolateaHost speciesGeographic originMultiplex PFGE profileBstEII RFLP profilebPvuII RFLP profilec
ATCC 19698BovineUnknown[1-1]C11
99PWBovineStaffordshire, England[2-1]C5Npad
JD146OvinePerth & Kinross, Scotland[2-2]C173
JD29OvineAngus, Scotland[3-1]C173
R197LeporinePerth & Kinross, Scotland[3-2]C173
F76OvinePerth & Kinross, Scotland[3-3]C173
377PSBovineShropshire, England[4-6]Nca1
JD18BovineAberdeenshire, Scotland[5-1]C173
JD143OvinePerth & Kinross, Scotland[5-2]C173
307RBovineLancashire, England[6-5]C5Npa
808RBovineNorthern Ireland[7-1]C5Npa
743PSSBovineMidlothian, Scotland[7-5]C11
377PWBovineShropshire, England[8-4]Ncb2
M189OvineMidlothian, Scotland[9-7]Ncc6
213G, 208G, 235GOvineShetland, Scotland[10-8]Ncc6
21POvineFaroe Islands[11-9]Ncc6
  • a Pigmented isolates are boldfaced.\

  • b RFLP designations according to the work of Pavlik et al. (15).\

  • c RFLP designations according to the work of Whipple et al. (25).\

  • d Nca, Ncb, Ncc, Npa, new profiles not previously published.