Results of real-time and conventional PCR assays for Leishmania kDNA in mouse tissue samples

Sample(s)SpeciesSourceResult of conventional PCRReal-time PCR
CTQualita- tive data
1-6L. majorEar>36
7L. majorEar+28.61+
8L. majorEar+22.66+
9L. majorEar+24.64+
10L. majorEar+34.94+
11L. majorEar35.14+
12L. majorEar>36
13L. majorLymph node+29.68+
14L. majorLymph node+30.68+
15L. majorLymph node+23.77+
16-18L. majorTail skin>36
19L. mexicanaBlood>36
20L. mexicanaBlood+31.42+
21L. mexicanaBlood33.05+
22L. mexicanaBone marrow+28.80+
23L. mexicanaBone marrow+21.44+
24L. mexicanaLesion+17.94+
25L. mexicanaLesion+18.16+
26L. mexicanaLesion+16.46+
27L. mexicanaLiver+23.66+
28L. mexicanaLiver+24.46+
29L. mexicanaLymph node+19.81+
30L. mexicanaLymph node+20.70+
31L. mexicanaSpleen+24.61+
32L. mexicanaSpleen+20.96+
33L. mexicanaTail skin+23.89+
34L. mexicanaTail skin+15.36+
35L. mexicanaTail skin+18.67+
36L. amazonensisBlood>36
37L. amazonensisLesion+15.81+
38L. amazonensisLiver>36
39L. amazonensisLymph node+25.42+
40L. amazonensisSpleen>36
41L. amazonensisTail skin29.97+
42L. donovaniBone marrow+22.73+
43L. donovaniBone marrow+27.87+
44L. donovaniBone marrow+28.44+
45L. donovaniSpleen+19.64+
46L. donovaniSpleen+19.88+
47L. donovaniSpleen+23.56+