Sources of Bartonella isolates used in this studya

SpeciesStrainsSource (reference)
B. henselaeHouston-1T (ATCC 4988)Septicemia, United States (32)
B. henselaeCat6Blood from bacteremic cat, South Africa
B. henselaeFizzBlood from bacteremic cat, Switzerland
B. henselae90-615 (King)BA, United States (45)
B. henselaeSA2CSD, United States (9)
B. henselaeCAL-1Septicemia, United States
B. henselaeURBHLLY8-Marseille (CIP 104756)CSD, France (10)
B. henselaeURBHLIE9Endocarditis, France (10)
B. quintanaURBQTBAAH1BA, France (14)
B. quintanaURBQMLY15Chronic lymphadenopathy, France (11)
B. quintanaURBQPBAA7BA, France
B. quintanaURBQLIEH6Endocarditis, France (24)
B. quintanaURBQMTF14Trench fever, France (7)
B. quintanaURBQMTF15Trench fever, France (7)
B. quintanaFullerT (ATCC VR-358)Trench fever (42)
B. quintanaURBQLY4Chronic lymphadenopathy, Franceb
B. quintanaOklahomaSepticemia, United States
B. quintanaURBQPIEH2Endocarditis, France (24)
B. quintanaSH-PERMNAc, Russia
B. elizabethaeF9251T (ATCC 49927)Endocarditis (8)
B. grahamiiV2T (NTCC 12860)Blood from Clethrionomys glareolus (3)
B. tayloriiM6T (NTCC 12861)Blood from Apodemus sp. (3)
B. doshiaeR18T (NTCC 12862)Blood from Microtus agrestis (3)
B. vinsoniiBakerT (ATCC VR-152)Spleen from Microtus pennsylvanicus (44)
B. bacilliformisAcoch 812Blood from bartonellosis patient, Peru
B. bacilliformisMonzon 269Blood from bartonellosis patient, Peru
B. weissiiBW137Blood from cow, France
B. clarridgeiaeURBCMNHC26Blood from cat, France
B. koehleraeC-29 (ATCC 700693)Blood from cat (12)
Bartonella sp.C1-phyBlood from Phyllotis sp. (4)
Bartonella sp.C4-phyBlood from Phyllotis sp. (4)
Bartonella sp.C5-ratBlood from Rattus sp. (4)
Bartonella sp.C7-ratBlood from Rattus sp. (4)
Bartonella sp.C1-phy1Blood from Phyllotis sp. (4)
Bartonella sp.C1-phy2Blood from Phyllotis sp. (4)
Bartonella sp.N40Blood from Apodemus sylvaticus (4)
  • a Source is given when isolation of strain was not detailed elsewhere.

  • b Reference: D. Raoult, M. Drancourt, A. Carta, and J. A. Gastaut, Letter, Lancet 343:977, 1994.

  • c NA, not available.