Comparative results of GM antigen ELISA and LightCycler PCR test obtained with serum samples from 20 patients with IA

Patient no.Sex, age (yr)MycologyEORTC criteriaaNo. of samples
Total (n = 158)GM positive (n = 71)PCR positive (n = 49)
1F, 57 A. fumigatus P622
2M, 51 A. fumigatus P535
3M, 56 A. fumigatus P221
4M, 41Positive microscopyP982
5F, 44 A. fumigatus C1141
6F, 32 A. fumigatus C1412
7M, 72Positive microscopyP1053
8F, 34 A. fumigatus C19712
9F, 46 A. flavus C311
10M, 78NegativeP442
11M, 21NegativeP544
12F, 43NegativeP512
13F, 68NegativeP333
14M, 47NegativeP13119
15M, 49 A. fumigatus P310
16F, 55NegativeP620
17M, 43Positive microscopyP840
18M, 19NegativeP840
19F, 62NegativeP920
20M, 40NegativeP1520
  • a EORTC, European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer. C, proven; P, probable.