Diagnostic yield of rapid diagnostic techniques

Type of pneumonia (rate of diagnosesb [%])TechniqueDiagnostic yielda
Bacterial (37/48 [77])Gram stain of sputum20/35 (57)
Gram stain of BAS11/15 (73)
Gram stain of PSB5/13 (38)
Gram stain of BAL8/18 (44)
Assay of L. pneumophila Ag in urine0
Assay of S. pneumoniae Ag in urine5
PCR-EIA of C. pneumoniae1
Mycobacteriosis (12/18 [67])Sputum Ziehl-Neelsen stain9/15 (60)
BAS Ziehl-Neelsen stain1/1
BAL Ziehl-Neelsen stain3/8 (37.5)
LCR for M. tuberculosis2
Fungal (31/41 [76])Gram stain of sputum5/14 (36)
Gram stain of BAS9/11 (82)
Gram stain of PSB1/12 (8)
Gram stain of BAL2/12 (17)
GMS stain of BAL22/34 (65)
GMS stain of induced sputum1/56 (2)
Assay of Aspergillus spp. in serum3
Viral (10/17 [59])BAL Ag detection9/17 (53)
NPW Ag detection1/10 (10)
  • a Total number of diagnoses/total number of tests performed (percentage).

  • b Total number of diagnoses/total number of cases of pneumonia.