Legionella strains used to determine the rpoB sequences in this study

Species (serogroup)Strain no.bAccession no.
rpoB16S rRNAcmipd
L. pneumophila (1)aATCC 33152 AF367748 M36023 S42595
L. pneumophila (1)aATCC 33153 AY036036
L. pneumophila (1)aSF9 AY036037
L. pneumophila (1)aATCC 43109 AY036038
L. pneumophila (2)aATCC 33154 AY036039
L. pneumophila (3)aATCC 33155 AY036040
L. pneumophila (4)aATCC 33156 AY036041
L. pneumophila (5)aATCC 33216 AY036042
L. pneumophila (6)aATCC 33215 AY036043
L. pneumophila (7)aATCC 33823 AY036044
L. pneumophila (8)aATCC 35096 AY036045
L. pneumophila (9)aATCC 35289 AY036046
L. pneumophila (10)aATCC 43283 AY036047
L. pneumophila (11)aATCC 43130 AY036048
L. pneumophila (12)aATCC 43290 AY036049
L. pneumophila (13)aATCC 43736 AY036050
L. pneumophila (14)aATCC 43709 AY036051
L. pneumophila (15)aATCC 35351 AY036052
L. adelaidensis UOEH 13562 AF367721 Z49716 U91606
L. anisa a ATCC 35292 AF367722 Z32635 AF022312
L. birminghamensis a UOEH 11749 AF367723 Z49717 AF047743
L. bozemanii (1)aATCC 33217 AF367724 Z49719 U91609
L. brunensis UOEH 12655 AF367725 Z32636 AF022311
L. cherrii a UOEH 10742 AF367726 Z49720 U91635
L. cincinnatiensis a UOEH 12201 AF367727 Z49721 AF022358
L. dumoffii a ATCC 33279 AF367728 Z32637 AF022313
L. erythra (1)ATCC 35303 AF367729 M36027 U92203
L. fairfieldensis UOEH 13563 AF367730 Z49722 U92214
L. feeleii (1)aATCC 35072 AF367731 Z49740 U92205
L. geestiana ATCC 49504 AF367732 Z49723 NDe
L. gormanii a ATCC 33297 AF367733 Z42639 AF047747
L. gratiana ATCC 49413 AF367734 Z49725 U92206
L. hackeliae (1)aATCC 35250 AF367735 M36028 U92207
L. israelensis a ATCC 43119 AF367736 Z32640 U92208
L. jamestowniensis ATCC 35298 AF367737 Z49726 AF022339
L. jordanis a HM 7000 AF367738 Z32667 U92209
L. lansingensis a ATCC 49751 AF367739 Z49727 U92210
L. londiniensis ATCC 49505 AF367740 Z49728 AF022346
L. longbeachae (1)aATCC 33462 AF367741 M36029 X83036
L. maceachernii a ATCC 35300 AF367742 Z32641 AF022315
L. micdadei a ATCC 33218 AF367743 M36032 AF023175
L. moravica ATCC 43877 AF367744 Z49729 U92212
L. nautarum ATCC 49506 AF367745 Z49730 U92213
L. oakridgensis a HM 7002 AF367746 Z32643 U92214
L. parisiensis a UOEH 11745 AF347747 Z49731 U92215
L. quinlivanii (1)ATCC 43830 AF367749 Z49733 AF022347
L. rubrilucens ATCC 35304 AF367750 Z32643 AF022357
L. sainthelensi (1)aATCC 35248 AF367751 Z49734 U92219
L. santicrucis UOEH 11746 AF367752 Z49735 U92220
L. shakespearei ATCC 49655 AF367753 Z49736 U92221
L. spiritensis (1)UOEH 11199 AF367754 M36030 AF047751
L. steigerwaltii UOEH 11747 AF367755 Z49737 U92223
L. tucsonensis a ATCC 49180 AF367756 Z32644 U92224
L. wadsworthii a ATCC 33877 AF367757 Z49738 U92225
L. worsleiensis ATCC 49508 AF367758 Z49739 U9222
  • a Legionella species pathogenic to human.

  • b ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; UOEH, University of Occupational and Environmental Health; HM, Hiroshi Miyamoto.

  • c 16S rRNA gene sequences used by Hookey et al. (8).

  • d mip sequences used by Ratcliff et al. (19, 20).

  • e ND, not determined (19, 20).