Proportions of C. albicans collections in the different groups defined in cluster analyses based on DNA fingerprinting with the Ca3 probe

Isolates includedGeographical regionNo. of isolates% of isolates classified as:
Group IGroup IIGroup IIIGroup SAGroup EOutliers
All isolatesaUnited States, East Coast695313173313
United States, Midwest324719130319
United States, Southwest3537051039
North America (United States and Canada)1644713242211
South America22540230518
Turkey - Israel11180045036
Isolates with threshold SABs of <0.90bNorth America (reduced)1223814272315
Europe (reduced)3713118132232
South America (reduced)19530210521
  • a The analysis included some isolates from the same hospitals with very high SABs that could represent the same endemic strain.

  • b The analysis included only isolates with SABs less than 0.90, the threshold for highly related isolates under the conditions employed for fingerprinting (15).