Molecular characteristics of C. difficile strains with variant PaLoc genes analyzed in this study

C. difficile strainSourceYear of isolationPaLoc geneToxino- typebNucleotide tcdC type sequenceBinary toxin gene
Pd 7Sporadic case-child1998+++a++a+a+VA++
Pd 13Sporadic case-adult1998+++a++a+a+VA++
Pd 16Sporadic case-adult1997+++a++a+a+VA++
Pd 55Sporadic case-adult1998+++a++a+a+VA++
Pd 5Outbreak-adult1999+++a++a+a+VIA++
Pd 53Sporadic case-child1999+++a++a+a+VIA++
Pd 3Sporadic case-child1999+++ ++ +a+0B
  • a Variant gene (variations in PaLoc genes were detected by multiplex PCR assay or PCR-RFLP method).

  • b Toxinotypes were determined by PCR-RFLP analysis of fragment A3 from toxin A and fragment B1 from toxin B. 0, C. difficile strain belonging to a new toxinotype by PCR-RFLP on the entire PaLoc.