Malassezia fungal species and strains used as standards and fragment length obtained by tFLP analysis

Malassezia speciesStrain designationaFragment size (±1 bpb)
M. furfur7981293556
M. furfur7982293555
M. furfurc1878292556
M. furfur6000292556
M. furfurc7019292555
M. furfur7860293556
M. furfur7865293556
M. furfur7984291555
M. furfur4171292556
M. furfur5332287555
M. furfur5333292556
M. furfur5334288528
M. furfur7970291528
M. globosad7966336474
M. globosa7874321464
M. globosa7990350477
M. obtusa7968296552
M. obtusad7876296552
M. restricta7991345460
M. restrictad7877294460
M. restricta8747294460
M. slooffiae7875280498
M. slooffiae7971280498
M. slooffiaed7956280498
M. sympodialisd7977246417
M. sympodialis7979246418
M. sympodialisd7222246416
M. pachydermatisATCC 74522269531
  • a All isolates were from CBS unless indicated otherwise.

  • b See Materials and Methods.

  • c Neo-type strain.

  • d Type strain.