Results of rapid trehalase and maltase testing with 255 yeast isolates

SpeciesNo. of isolatesNo. of positive reactions obtained with yeast colonies grown on the following agarsa:
SAB bioCandida IDCandiSelect
Tre+Tre+, Mal−Tre+Tre+, Mal−Tre+Tre+, Mal−
C. glabrata 6564b63c64b63c64b63c
C. tropicalis 43301c0d71
C. guilliermondii 18210011
C. parapsilosis 68320011
C. famata 15000010
C. lusitaniae 10100000
Test sensitivity (%)98.596.998.596.998.596.9
Test specificity (%)95.398.499.510094.798.4
  • a Tre+, trehalase test positive; Tre+, Mal−, trehalase test positive, maltase test negative; SAB bio, Sabouraud bioMérieux agar.

  • b One C. glabrata isolate gave a negative trehalase test.

  • c One C. glabrata strain gave a positive maltase test.

  • d Only 14 isolates forming white colonies on Candida ID medium were tested since pink or blue isolates could not be regarded as possible isolates of C. glabrata.

  • e C. krusei (n = 19); C. inconspicua (n = 7), C. norvegensis (n = 3), C. kefyr (n = 2), S. cerevisiae (n = 2), C. lipolytica (n = 1), C. pelliculosa (n = 2).