Prevalence of human pathogens in I. persulcatus ticks from western Siberia, Russia, detected by PCR, RT-PCR, and nested PCR

PathogensNo. of ticks examinedPrevalence (% ± SD [sampling error])a
B. burgdorferi sensu lato15038.0 ± 4.0
TBEV10046.0 ± 5.0
HGE508.0 ± 3.8
B. burgdorferi-TBEV coinfection10018.0 ± 3.8
B. burgdorferi-HGE coinfection506.0 ± 3.4
  • a Calculated as $$mathtex$$\(\sqrt{{\,}\frac{\mathit{p}{\times}(100{-}\mathit{p})}{\mathit{n}}}\)$$mathtex$$, where p is the percentage of positive samples and n is the sample size.