Candida species distribution as reported by sentinel and population-based candidemia surveillance programs

Surveillance programaYearsReference(s)No. of isolates reported% of total
C. albicansC. glabrataC. parapsilopsisC. tropicalisC. kruseiCandida spp.
CDC1992-1993 21 8375212211041
NEMIS1993-1995 48 795615151004
SCOPE1995-1998 12, 409345320101232
EIEIO1998-2001 11 254582071122
SENTRY1997-2000 46 2,0475416151023
  • a CDC, Centers for Disease Control; NEMIS, National Epidemiology of Mycoses Study; SCOPE, Surveillance and Control of Pathogens of Epidemiologic Importance; EIEIO, Emerging Infections and the Epidemiology of Iowa Organisms; NNIS, National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance System.

  • b Hajjeh, 6th ASM Conf. Candida and Candidiasis; Lyon et al., 40th ICAAC.