Main features of specimens collected from two patients infected with HIV-1 group O

SpecimenCollection dateTreatment regimen (duration)CD4 count (cells/μl)Plasma viremia (HIV RNA copies/ml)
ESP2-0April 1995None10518,756
ESP2-1February 1997Stavudine, lamivudine, indinavir (4 mo)1659,084
ESP2-2January 1998Stavudine, lamivudine, saquinavir, ritonavir (7 mo)14348,798
ESP2-3February 1999Stavudine, didanosine, nelfinavir (10 mo)9961,905
ESP2-4May 1999Zidovudine, lamivudine, indinavir, ritonavir (11 mo)12198,356
ESP1-0April 1995None290NDa
ESP1-1January 1998None1254,004
  • a ND, not determined.