Combined types (PFGE type, ribotype, and plasmid profile) present in two or more Salmonella serotype Typhimurium isolates

Combined typeFingerprintaNo. of isolatesPhage type(s)Animal speciesArea(s)b
7TX12/TPS11/T3L4DT49Cow, horseNE, SW
16TX18/TPS3/T4I4DT204bChickenM, SW
26TX3/TPS11/T1A34DT104, U302Cow, chicken, horse, pig, sheep, turkey, humanNE, NW, M, SE, SW, NI
27TX3/TPS11/T2A4U302CowSE, SW
30TX3/TPS11/T2D5DT104, U302Cow, chicken, pigNE, SW
37TX3/TPS17/T2B3DT104Pig, humanNE, SW
41TX3/TPS19/T3A2DT104HumanNW, SE
49TX3/TPS5/T2D3DT104ChickenM, SW
52TX3/TPS8/T2C4DT104Chicken, pig, wild birdNE, SE, NI
  • a PFGE type/ribotype/plasmid profile.

  • b NE, Northeast; NW, Northwest; SE, Southeast; SW, Southwest; M, Midlands; NI, Northern Ireland.