Clinical evaluation of three different DNA extraction protocols for detection of C. pneumoniae DNA in endarterectomy specimensa

SamplebNo. of C. pneumoniae positive PCR results by the following DNA extraction protocol for the indicated laboratory:
BM kitQ kitK protocol
Atheroma (n = 15)002c00001d002c0
Negative control (n = 5)002000000000
  • a The PCR results reported from the four laboratories are for DNA extracts exclusively prepared in each laboratory.

  • b An endarterectomy specimen or porcine aortic tissue (negative controls) was reported as C. pneumoniae positive when extracts prepared in each laboratory were tested by PCR.

  • c Concordant results for two endarterectomy specimens (arteria carotis and arteria femoralis).

  • d Endarterectomy specimen (arteria femoral) different from the arteria femoralis described in note c.