Frequency of eae types in 111 stx-negative E. coli isolates from patients and carriers

eae typeNo. of strainsSerotype (no. of strains)
α3ONT:HNT, O63:H29; O132:H4
β38O26:H (12), O26:H11 (9), O14:H, O81:H, O90:H, O108:H, O103:H2, O5:H4, O121:H, O20:H, O33:H6, O33:H2, ONT:H6, Orough:H26, ONT:H32, Orough:HNT, Orough:H11, O145:HNT (2)
γ35O157:H (11), O145:H (7), O145:HNT, O145:H19, O25:H28, O70:H11, O76:H8 (2); O76:H, O2:H37, O8:H (2), Orough:H19, ONT:H33, O111:H2, O118:HNT, O125:HNT, O156:H25, O156:H35
ε14O103:H3, O103:H2 (3), O103:H (3), O96:H19, ONT:HNT, O121:H, O157:H, O8:H, Orough:H (2)
ζ5O156:H25, O104:H, O85:H (2), O105:H31
η3O125:H; O2:H49,a O12:H19a
ι6O145:H4 (3), ONT:H8, Orough:HNT, O98:H2
κ2O118:H5; O157:H42a
NDb5ONT:H/HNT (2), O5:H, O132:H4, O54:H
  • a Isolates from the RKI, Berlin, Germany. The O2:H49 strain originates from a healthy carrier.

  • b ND, not determined.