Extraction instrument information

Extraction instrumentExtraction kitInput vol (μl)Elution vol (μl)Fold concnLab performing the assay
Qiagen EZ1 AdvancedDSP virus kit400606.7Miriam Hospital
Abbott M2000spmSample Preparation SystemDNA5001104.5Miriam Hospital
Qiagen QIAsymphony SPDNA minikit2002001.0St. Jude
BioMerieux Nuclisens EasyMagUniversal RNA/DNA kit2001002.0St. Jude
Roche MagNaPure 96DNA/viral NA small volume2001002.0University of Washington
Promega Maxwell 16 RSCTotal nucleic acid2001002.0University of Washington
Qiagen spin column (manual)Qiagen MinElute virus spin column2001002.0Exact Diagnostics, Inc.
CCF kits
    Promega Maxwell 16 CCFRSC ccfDNA plasma200a1002.0University of Washington
    Qiagen spin column (manual)QIAamp circulating nucleic acid1,00010010.0Exact Diagnostics, Inc.
    Qiagen EZ1 AdvancedEZ1 CCF DNA200603.3Miriam Hospital
    Qiagen QIAsymphony SPCCF kit2,0006033.3St. Jude
  • a This kit takes up to a 1.0-ml volume, but only 200 μl was used for this evaluation.