Extraction percent yields by fragment size

Extraction instrument/kit% yield of the following fragments at the indicated estimated concna:
50-bp fragments100-bp fragments200-bp fragments
4.0 log5.0 log6.0 log4.0 log5.0 log6.0 log4.0 log4.0 log6.0 log
Abbott M2000sp16.53.10.644.82.35.781.351.271.1
bioMeriuex EasyMag8.
Promega Maxwell 1625.
Qiagen EZ1 DSP7.712.
Qiagen QIAsymphony18.616.
Qiagen MinElute6.723.411.759.16.318.6100.89.2105.2
Roche MP9610.313.65.1177.
Promega Maxwell 16 CCF18.3111.7132.9101.859.934.6452.4153.5265.5
Qiagen EZ1 CCF31.65.53.815.620.85.454.047.675.1
Qiagen QIAsymphony CCF8.
Qiagen MinElute CCF21.660.738.752.242.714.6121.682.7124.0
  • a Estimated fragment concentrations are in log10 number of copies per milliliter. Results in shaded cells appear to be extraction failures.