Yields for the 50-bp and 100-bp fragment extractions

Instrument/kitYield (log10 no. of copies/ml) of the following fragments at the indicated estimated concna:
50-bp fragment100-bp fragment
4.0 log5.0 log6.0 log4.0 log5.0 log6.0 log
Promega Maxwell 162,2804,52013,0001,2205,87014,900
Promega Maxwell 16 CCF1,66046,900412,0004,96027,20095,600
Qiagen QIAsymphony1,6907,07016,2001,3503,2807,580
Qiagen QIAsymphony CCF7902,69012,70041064,900
Qiagen EZ1 DSP6965,28027,9005893,9608,070
Qiagen EZ1 CCF2,8702,33011,7007629,44014,800
Qiagen MinElute6099,82036,4002,8802,88051,400
Qiagen MinElute CCF1,96025,500120,0002,54019,40040,400
  • a The yield is the final concentration measured by ddPCR. Initial estimated fragment concentrations are in log10 number of copies per milliliter.