Profile and laboratory data for 1,922 patients with an SVR after all-oral DAA regimens

Demographic data
    No. of patients1,922
    No. of males/no. of females808/1,114
    Median (range) age (yr)66 (21–88)
    Median (range) body mass index (kg/m2)21.9 (14.0–42.0)
    No. of patients with/no. of patients without a history of:
        Interferon-related therapy1,038/884
        Treatment with DAAs1,848/74
        Radical treatment for HCC1,922/0
Median (range) values for the following laboratory data:
    Just before start of treatment
        Aspartate aminotransferase concn (IU/liter)38 (11–595)
        Alanine aminotransferase concn (IU/liter)37 (5–418)
        Platelet count (104/mm3)16.6 (1.7–44.4)
        Fasting plasma glucose concn (mg/dl)98 (66–338)
        Total cholesterol level (mg/dl)171 (16–1,836)
        Triglyceride concn (mg/dl)89 (25–999)
        High-density lipoprotein cholesterol level (mg/dl)50 (14–192)
        Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol level (mg/dl)86 (11–199)
        Level of viremia (log IU/ml)6.2 (1.1–7.7)
        Alpha-fetoprotein concn (μg/liter)5 (1–658)
        WFA+M2BP level (COI)1.63 (0.19–20.01)
    At 24 weeks after end of treatment
        Aspartate aminotransferase concn (IU/liter)21 (2–214)
        Alanine aminotransferase concn (IU/liter)15 (1–327)
        Alpha-fetoprotein concn (μg/liter)4 (1–189)
        Platelet count (104/mm3)17.3 (3.3–45.7)
        WFA+M2BP level (COI)0.83 (0.16–9.34)
No. of patients with IL28B rs8099917 TT/TG/GG/not determined) genotype1,083/602/35/202
No. of patients with ITPA rs1127354 CC/CA/AA/not determined genotype1,160/348/26/388
No. of patients infected with the following HCV genotype:
    Type 1 (type 1a/1b/unclassified)1,596 (17/1,559/20)
    Type 2 (type 2a/2b/unclassified)326 (198/126/2)
No. of patients with amino acid substitutions in core and NS5A regions of HCV genotype 1ba
        Core aa 70 (wild/mutant/not determined)517/436/606
        NS5A aa 93 (wild/mutant/not determined)1,124/239/196
No. of patients receiving all-oral DAA regimens
    Regimens for HCV genotype 1
    Regimens for HCV genotype 2
  • a Results of direct sequencing tests outsourced to SRL Inc., Tokyo, Japan.