Clinical characteristics of patients with discrepant results between M. tuberculosis culture, Xpert Ultra, and Xpert MTB/RIF and clinical characteristics of patients with Xpert Ultra positive “trace” resultsa

PatientSex, age (yr)SpecimenSmear resultXpert MTB/RIFrpoB mutation XpertXpert Ultra resultrpoB mutation UltraMTBC culture resultRIF resistance culture resultClinical and radiologic finding
1M, 52Bronchial aspirateNegativeNegativeNAPositive very lowNDPositive (15 days)NegativeCough, lung infiltrate, lymphadenopathy
2F, 41SputumNegativeNegativeNAPositive very lowNDPositive (16 days)NegativeCough, wt loss, hemoptysis, fever, miliary lung infiltrate, cavitations, lymphadenopathy
3F, 43SputumNegativeNegativeNAPositive very lowNDPositive (13 days)NegativeHIV infection, cough, hemoptysis, fever, cavitation
4M, 17Bronchial aspirateNegativeNegativeNAPositive traceIPositive (20 days)PositiveCough, lymphadenopathy
5F, 23Bronchial aspirateNegativeNegativeNAPositive traceIPositive (20 days)NegativeMediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis
6F, 46SputumNegativeNegativeNAPositive very lowNDPositive (13 days)NegativeHemoptysis, lung infiltrate
7M, 15SputumNegativeNegativeNANegativeNAPositive (15 days)NegativeCough, hemoptysis, cavitation, fever
8F, 26SputumNegativeNegativeNANegativeNAPositive (15 days)NegativePleural effusion
9M, 23Bronchial aspirateNegativePositive lowNDPositive very lowNDNegativeNACough, cavitation
10M, 62Bronchial aspirateNegativePositive very lowNDPositive mediumNDNegativeNALung infiltrate with cavitation, weight loss; history of TB 20 years before with a relapse 10 years before
11F, 34Induced sputumNegativePositive very lowNDPositive very lowNDNegativeNANo symptoms; cavitation, M. tuberculosis culture positive on another respiratory specimen
12M, 39Bronchoalveolar lavageNegativePositive very lowNDPositive very lowNDNegativeNAHIV infection; no symptom; new cavitation and pulmonary nodules; history of TB 7 years before
13F, 25Bronchial aspirateNegativeNegativeNAPositive traceINegativeNACough, wt loss, asthenia, fever, lymphadenopathy, M. tuberculosis PCR and culture positive in a mediastinal cytoponction (EBUS)
14F, 91Induced sputumNegativePositive very lowNDPositive traceIPositive (12 days)NegativeMiliary lung infiltrate
15F, 41Bronchial aspirateNegativePositive very lowNDPositive traceIPositive (18 days)NegativeHistory of tuberculosis, new lung infiltrate
  • a ND, not detected; I, indeterminate; NA, not applicable.