Discrepancy resolution of sample results between the ePlex BCID panels and primary subculturea

Sample no.Bottle typePanel testedGram stain resultePlex resultPrimary culture resultSecondary culture resultSample final call
6AnaerobicBCID-GPGPCCS. aureus, mecAMS S. aureusMS S. aureus MR S. epidermidisFalse negative
24AerobicBCID-GPGPCP, GNRE. faecalis Pan-GN L. monocytogenesE. faecalis E. coli Not culturedE. faecalis E. coli L. monocytogenesAgreement
25AnaerobicBCID-GNGNR, GPCPE. coli Pan-GP B. fragilisE. coli E. faecium Not cultured F. gonidiaformansE. coli E. faecium B. fragilis F. gonidiaformansAgreement
74AerobicBCID-GPGPCCS. aureus LactobacillusMS S. aureus Not culturedMS S. aureus Not culturedFalse positive
87AnaerobicBCID-GNGNRP. mirabilis Pan-GPP. mirabilis Not culturedP. mirabilis Not culturedFalse positive
100AerobicBCID-GNGNRE. coli Pan-GPE. coli Not culturedE. coli Not culturedFalse positive
139AerobicBCID-GNGNRE. coliE. coli P. aeruginosaE. coli P. aeruginosaFalse negative
157AerobicBCID-GPGPCPE. faecalisE. faecalis E. coliE. faecalis E. coliFalse negative
163AerobicBCID-GNGNRE. coli K. pneumoniae F. necrophorumE. coli K. pneumoniae Not culturedE. coli K. pneumoniae Not culturedFalse positive
169AnaerobicBCID-GNGNRK. pneumoniae F. necrophorumK. pneumoniae Not culturedK. pneumoniae Not culturedFalse positive
173AerobicBCID-GNGNRK. pneumoniae F. necrophorumK. pneumoniae Not culturedK. pneumoniae Not culturedFalse positive
208AnaerobicBCID-GNGNRF. necrophorumNot cultured C. ramosum B. caccaeNot cultured C. ramosum B. caccaeFalse positive
216AerobicBCID-GNGNRE. cloacae complex P. aeruginosa S. maltophiliaE. cloacae P. aeruginosa Not cultured A. pittiiE. cloacae P. aeruginosa S. maltophilia A. pittiiAgreement
  • a Samples containing exclusively isolates not targeted by ePlex were excluded. GPCC, Gram-positive cocci in clusters; GPCP, Gram-positive cocci in pairs/chains; GNR, Gram-negative rods; MR, methicillin resistant; MS, methicillin susceptible.