Detection results of resistance genes targeted by the ePlex BCID panels (n = 26)

Resistance gene(s) detected by ePlex panelOrganism(s) targets detected by ePlexResistance phenotype(s) and genotype(s) on cultured isolatesan
    mecAStaphylococcus, S. epidermidisMR S. epidermidis12
StaphylococcusMR S. haemolyticus2
Staphylococcus, S. aureusMR S. aureus3
Staphylococcus, S. aureusMS S. aureus (+ MR S. epidermidisb)1
Staphylococcus, S. aureus, S. epidermidisMS S. aureus + MR S. epidermidis + MR S. haemolyticus1
Staphylococcus, S. epidermidisMR S. epidermidis + MR S. haemolyticus1
    mecA and vanAStaphylococcus, S. aureus, E. faeciumMR S. aureus + VR E. faecium (vanA positive)1
    blaCTX-ME. coliCTX-M group 1 ESBL-producing E. coli4
K. oxytocaCTX-M group 9 ESBL-producing K. oxytoca1
  • a MR, methicillin resistant; MS, methicillin susceptible; VR, vancomycin resistant.

  • b Isolate recovered at secondary subculture of frozen blood culture sample aliquots.