Mutation types, results of laboratory investigations and clinical features of cases confirmed to be phenotypically RIF-S by repeating MGIT testing

CaseMutation typeLaboratory resultsaClinical features
MGITGenotype MTBDRplusMIC (μg/ml)Patient classificationTreatment outcomes
TB08508 to 509 deletedRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.128RelapseTreatment completed
TB09Leu511ProRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.032RelapseTreatment completed
TB10Leu511ProRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.016RelapseTreatment completed
TB11Leu511ProRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.032RelapseCured
TB12Leu511ProRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.512RelapseTreatment completed
TB13Asp516TyrRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.064New caseCuredb
TB14Asp516TyrRIF-S, INH-SRIF-R, INH-S0.128RelapseCured
TB15Ser522LeuRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.512Treatment after failurecTreatment failed
TB16His526AsnRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.512RelapseTreatment completed
TB17His526AsnRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.128RelapseTreatment completed
TB18His526AsnRIF-S, INH-SRIF-R, INH-S0.256Treatment after loss to follow-upLost to follow-up
TB19His526LeuRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R1.024Treatment after failurecTreatment failed
TB20His526LeuRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.256Treatment after failurecTreatment failed
TB21His526LeuRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.256New caseNot evaluatedd
TB22His526LeuRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R2.0Treatment after loss to follow-upLost to follow-up
TB23His526GlyRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.128New caseCuredb
TB24His526GlyRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.064Treatment after failurecTreatment failed
TB25His526CysRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.128Treatment after failurecTreatment failed
TB26His526CysRIF-S, INH-RRIF-R, INH-R0.512Treatment after loss to follow-upLost to follow-up
TB27Leu533ProRIF-S, INH-RIndeterminate RIF resistancee, INH-R0.512RelapseTreatment completed
TB28Leu533ProRIF-S, INH-RIndeterminate RIF resistancee, INH-S0.512Treatment after loss to follow-upLost to follow-up
TB29Leu533ProRIF-S, INH-RIndeterminate RIF resistancee, INH-R1.024RelapseTreatment completed
TB30Leu533ProRIF-S, INH-SIndeterminate RIF resistancee, INH-R0.256NAfNAg
TB31Leu533ProRIF-S, INH-RIndeterminate RIF resistancee, INH-R0.256RelapseTreatment completed
TB32Leu533ProRIF-S, INH-RIndeterminate RIF resistancee, INH-R0.256Treatment after failurecTreatment failed
TB33Leu533ProRIF-S, INH-RIndeterminate RIF resistancee, INH-R0.512Treatment after failurecTreatment failed
  • a RIF, rifampin; INH, isoniazid; S, susceptible; R, resistant.

  • b Patients were cured using therapies based on second-line drugs.

  • c Patients who were previously treated for TB and whose treatment failed at the end of their most recent course of treatment.

  • d Treatment outcome was not evaluated as the patient could not be contacted.

  • e RIF resistance was indeterminate due to weak staining of WT8 in the GenoType MTBDRplus test.

  • f Patient treatment status was not assigned due to lack of medical records at registration.

  • g Treatment outcome was not available due to lack of information on treatment outcome in medical records.