Molecular characterization of ten isolates of Candida auris with representatives from each of the four clades

Isolate no.FDA-CDC AR no. (clade)aFRbErg11pcMLST results for 4 alleles (ITS-RPB1-RPB2-D1/D2)ePFGE typed
AASGenBank accession no.Allele profileGenBank accession no.ST clusterEKREAG-N
A1AR0381 (II)SNoneMK294627a-a-a-aMK294582-MK294612-MK294597-MK2945672K2N1m
A2AR0382 (I)SNoneMK294628b-b-a-bMK294583-MK294613-MK294598-MK2945681K3N2a
A3AR0383 (III)RF126L, V125AMK294629b-b-a-aMK294584-MK294614-MK294599-MK2945693K4N3
A4AR0384 (III)RF126L, V125AMK294630b-b-a-aMK294585-MK294615-MK294600-MK2945703K5N3
A5AR0385 (IV)RY132F, K177R, N335S, E343DMK294631c-c-c-cMK294586-MK294616-MK294601-MK2945714K6N4
A6AR0386 (IV)RY132F, K177R, N335S, E343DMK294632c-c-c-cMK294587-MK294617-MK294602-MK2945724K7N4
A7AR0387 (I)SNoneMK294633b-b-a-bMK294588-MK294618-MK294603-MK2945731K8N2b
A8AR0388 (I)RK143RMK294634b-b-a-bMK294589-MK294619-MK294604-MK2945741K9N2c
A9AR0389 (I)RY132FMK294635b-b-a-bMK294590-MK294620-MK294605-MK2945751K10N2c
A10AR0390 (I)RK143RMK294636b-b-a-bMK294591-MK294621-MK294606-MK2945761K11N2c
  • a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Antimicrobial Resistance (AR) Bank numbers.

  • b Fluconazole resistance (FR) was categorized as resistant (R) or susceptible (S) according to the tentative fluconazole MIC breakpoints (32 µg/ml) for C. auris published by the CDC (

  • c The amino acid substitutions (AAS) in each isolate were analyzed based on the reference ERG11 sequence of C. auris (GenBank accession no. MK059959).

  • d Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) typing consisted of electrophoretic karyotyping (EK) and restriction endonuclease analyses of genomic DNA using NotI (REAG-N). Lower case letters (m, a, b, and c) indicate subgroups of a given REAG-N type (N1 or N2).

  • e MLST, multilocus sequence typing; ST, sequence type.