Diagnostic performances of the AspLFD, GM, and BDG tests

Sample type, testaValue (%) for:
SensitivitySpecificityPositive predictive valueNegative predictive value
Serum (n = 115)
    GM (COI, 0.5)6443.146.360.8
    GM (COI, 1.0)3472.348.558.8
    GM (COI, 1.54)2292.370.661.2
    BDG (cutoff, 19.3 pg/ml)4890.88069.4
    BDG (cutoff, 20.0 pg/ml)4690.779.368.6
    Aspergillus precipitating antibody7081.3
    AspLFD and GM (COI, 1.54)2295.371.461.3
    AspLFD or GM (COI, 1.54)6261.557.468.8
    AspLFD and BDG (cutoff, 19.3 pg/ml)3296.988.864.9
    AspLFD or BDG (cutoff, 19.3 pg/ml)7861.560.978.4
BAL (n = 98)
    GM (COI, 0.5)84.878.566.771.8
    GM (COI, 0.6)72.783.171.177.1
    GM (COI, 1.0)57.690.17680.8
    AspLFD and GM (COI, 0.6)57.595.386.381.5
    AspLFD or GM (COI, 0.6)66.756.94477.1
  • a AspLFD, Aspergillus-specific lateral-flow device test; GM, galactomannan; BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage; BDG, β-d-glucan; COI, cutoff index.