Table 3.

Main characteristics of Xpert MTB/RIF test and IS6110-TaqMan assay

CharacteristicXpert MTB/RIFIS6110-TaqMan
Work flow designOn demandBatch mode
Sample formatIndividual cartridgeMicroplate, 96 wells
Sample preparationLiquefaction and inactivation of sample (15 min/sample)Three cycles of boiling-freezing and incubation with proteinase K (∼20 min)
DNA extractionIntegrated in individual cartridgeAutomated with MagNa pure LC system in batch mode (30 mina)
Time to results∼2 h∼2 h 45 mina
Hands-on time∼3 min/sample∼15 mina
Cost50 euros (∼$65)/sample11 euros (∼$15)/samplea
  • a For 8 samples.