Performance characteristics of Geenius and Western blot by testing serum samples

HIV serum parameterGeeniusWBP valueb
HIV negative panel (n = 57)
    No. correctly identified/total no.53/5751/57
    No. indeterminate/total no.4/576/57
    Specificity (%)93900.6875
    Indeterminate rate (%)710
HIV-1 positive panel (n = 58)
    No. correctly identified/total no.58/5850/58
    No. indeterminate/total no.0/588/58
    Sensitivity (%)10086NA
    Indeterminate rate (%)014
HIV-2 positive panel (n = 36)
    No. correctly identified/total no.32/36NA
    No. untypeable/total no.3/3614/36
    No. indeterminate/total no.1/36a22/36
    Sensitivity (%)9739<0.0001
    Differentiation capacity (%)89NA
    Indeterminate rate (%)361
HIV Inno-Lia untypeable panel (n = 9)
    No. correctly identified HIV-1/total no.7/9NA
    No. correctly identified HIV-2/total no.2/9NA
    No. indeterminate/total no.0/99/9
    Sensitivity (%)100NA
WB/Inno-Lia indeterminate status (n = 110) (no./total no.)
  • a Patients presenting with discordant results (described in Table 2).

  • b McNemar's exact test may not be performed when one of the two assays presents only one result. NA, not applicable.