Description of automated platforms

InstrumentManufacturerConfigurationSample capacity (no.)aTTFR (h)bThroughput in 24 hc
Panther FusionHologicNonbatch, random-access system; separate consumables1202.41,005
GeneXpert IVCepheidNonbatch, random-access system4196
GeneXpert Infinity 80CepheidNonbatch, random-access system8011,920
Aries M1LuminexNonbatch, random-access system6272
AriesLuminexNonbatch, random-access system122144
  • a Maximum number of samples processed without a return visit. Sample can be a specimen or a control.

  • b TTFR, time to first result, the time from sample loading to availability of result. Does not include sample preparation times.

  • c Maximum number of specimens processed in 24 h with return visits, per instrument.