Sensitivities and specificities

Sensitivity and specificity dataTest
Sensitivity (%)a
    All cases4545
    Cases of proven IA only4040
        Hematologic patients (proven IA)5340
        Nonhematologic patients (proven IA)3340
Serologic diagnosis of IA (%)b
    Serum sampled ±7 days from day 05159
    Cases of proven IA only4756
        Hematologic patients (proven IA)6053
        Nonhematologic patients (proven IA)4057
    Serum sampled −6 to +1 weeks from day 05571
    Cases of proven IA only5169
        Hematologic patients (proven IA)6767
        Nonhematologic patients (proven IA)4370
Specificity (%)
    All control sera9997
        High-risk patientsc10096
        Suspicion of borreliosis9997
  • a For calculation of sensitivities, only the serum sample closest to day 0 of each case was considered.

  • b Serologic diagnosis of IA is defined by at least one seropositive sample in the indicated period.

  • c Sera of high-risk patients were sampled ≤7 days following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.