Characteristics of infection

EORTC/MSG category
    Proven IA4592
        By culture3571
        By histology onlya1020
    Probable IAb48
Focus of IA
    Circulatory system510
    Central nervous system36
    Bones and joints24
    Urogenital tract24
Species isolatedc
    Proven cause of infection
        A. fumigatus3061
        A. flavus48
        A. niger12
    Cultivation only from nonsterile body site
        A. fumigatus612
  • a In six of the ten histology positive cases, A. fumigatus was cultivated from additional samples.

  • b Two episodes of probable IA were diagnosed in the same patient.

  • c Cases with Aspergillus isolates cultivated from specimen that allowed for categorization as proven invasive aspergillosis (IA) are listed in the subsection “proven cause of infection.” The subsection “cultivation only from nonsterile body site” lists isolates obtained from nonsterile body sites of patients whose diagnosis of proven IA is based on histology only.