Table 4.

Results obtained by SeptiFast and blood culture among patients receiving or not receiving antimicrobial therapy

Ward and antimicrobial therapyNo. of samplesa
SeptiFast/blood culture positiveSeptiFast positive/blood culture negativeSeptiFast negative/blood culture positivebTotal
Intensive care, surgery
Oncology, hematology, neonatology
Emergency department, pediatrics
  • a The total numbers of pathogens from patients under antimicrobial therapy/patients not under antimicrobial therapy for the SeptiFast-positive plus blood culture-positive, SeptiFast-positive and blood culture-negative, and SeptiFast-negative and blood culture-positive groups were 50/93, 83/14, and 11/8, respectively (total, 144/115).

  • b Including microorganisms not in the SML.