Table 2.

Roche-454-specific hits in plasma and CSF spiked with known virusesa

SampleNo. of reads per sampleAvg length (nt)No. of virus-specific hits per sampleLength (no. of virus-specific hits)bIdentity (%)
Plasma 1027,516247000NDcNDND
Plasma 100023,009264504ND44398
Plasma 10000044,7803243429591ND40399
CSF 1033,453352000NDNDND
CSF 10061,161360000NDNDND
CSF 100027,730358100ND43899
  • a For each virus, the number of hits per sample is shown. The average length (nt) is given for all reads in a given sample and for the virus-specific hits. Percentages of identity were obtained after comparison to the reference sequences (for RABV and HHV-1 see text, for HHV-4, reference sequence GI:139424470).

  • b When several viruses were detected in a sample, the length of the hits and the percent identity correspond to averages.

  • c ND, not determined.