Table 6.

De novo assembling and mapping on reference sequences of Roche-454 and Illumina reads a

Method, sample, and virusDe novo assemblyMapping on a reference sequence
Largest contig (CLC or Velvet)Reference sequence assembled from the largest contig (%)Depth coverage (fold)Length of reference sequence (nt)No. of mapped hitsReference sequence mapped (%)Depth coverage (fold)
        HSV 13,78525152,261583421.5
    CSF 1000, TTV2,88594253,08035544.9
    CSF 1000
  • a For the de novo assembling process, the nonhuman reads were assembled, and the resulting largest contig was mapped on the corresponding reference sequence for confirmation. Mapping of reads identified as virus hits on the reference sequences (see Table 2) are also presented for comparison. Abbreviations: CLC, CLC genomics.