Data used for analyses of laboratory costs

ItemAssigned cost (€)a
Conventional diagnostic strategy
    Bactec MGIT Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tubes—BD and Panta (antibiotic mixture)11.20/unit
    Löwenstein-Jensen tubes0.34/unit
    Culture expendables0.26/unit/specimen
    SD TB Ag MPT64 Rapid Immunochromatographic (confirmatory) test9.46/unit
    Cost/specimen12.89/negative MTC specimen and 22.35/positive MTC specimen
    Total (during the study period)c18,276
Abbott Real-Time MTB PCR strategy
    Abbott Real-Time MTB PCR (nucleic acid extraction + PCR analysis)21.10/specimen (pooled or single specimens)
    PCR expendables1.80/specimen
    Personnel (PCR testing)0.27/specimend
    Total (during the study period)e23,966
  • a The prices of consumables were provided by the manufacturers, and the average hourly wage of laboratory technicians/nurses/staff was reported by the Human Resources Department at the Hospital Clínico Universitario.

  • b The personnel cost has been calculated based on the time spent inoculating LJ tubes and MGIT bottles and monitoring for growth on LJ tubes (once a week during 3 months). According to our estimations, the time spent per specimen was 4 min.

  • c Total calculated for 1,409 cultured samples and 12 MTC confirmatory tests.

  • d The personnel cost has been calculated based on the time spent assembling the Abbott m2000 system and adjusted to an average of 25 samples per run (approximately 1 min/specimen).

  • e Total calculated for 1,020 samples, 17 LJ/MGIT cultures, and 12 MTC confirmatory tests.